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Candy Bar Ignited Romanian Pride? ROM

This is pretty interesting to watch. I’ve never heard of ROM before, but I have now and the advertising campaign was a staggering success.


A Guide To Traditional Mexican Sweets

What a wonderful post 😀

A New Life Wandering

Mexican sweets might not be as famous as those from France, Switzerland or the US, but giving the vast variety of pastry, candy and chocolate made and consumed domestically, Mexicans have an incomparable sweet tooth. And chocolate, of course, is one of Mexico’s gifts to the world.

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Candyrific Says “PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD!” at Sweets & Snacks Expo

This looks fantastic. Who doesn’t want to make fun shapes before chewing the sweet juicy flavours out of it.

WGN Plus

Rob Auerback, President of Candyrific joins Hannah and Dane of Flavor HD during the 2015 Sweets and Snacks Expo. Hear Rob share the newest product set to hit shelves later this year and sure to hit kids with possibly the most fun you can have with your food…besides eating it. The NEW “Edible Moldable CANDY Dough” can be made into almost anything from a realistic burger to animals to the WGN RADIO Logo and soon even all your favorite characters from TV and the movies…Lots of colors and easy to handle, this product gives kids a fun and tasty way to finally play with their food with their parents full support! Be on the lookout in stores during summer 2015 & everywhere by 2016. For more information on all things “Candyrific” go to

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Young Japanese artist crafts exquisite animal-shaped candy at his shop in Asakusa



Remember those traditional Japanese sweets from last summer that were simply divine? Oh, and let’s not forget those cupcakes that were almost too beautiful to eat!

Japan sure knows how to elevate its food to an unparalleled level of art, and today we’d like to introduce you to the works of another master Japanese craftsman of sweets. His life’s passion is creating exquisitely detailed animal-shaped candy, which are so astoundingly intricate that it probably won’t be long before a museum asks to put them on display!

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