Oreo Peanut Butter Spotted

Seen within the EU and in the UK, a new Oreo flavour has appeared.
Oreo peanut butter! Reese has teamed up with Oreo in the USA to produce Oreo with Reese peanut butter Oreos.

“Cocoa flavoured sandwich biscuits with a peanut butter flavour filling (29%),”
The Oreos come in a pack size of approx 154g. As with all Oreos, perfect with a glass of milk.



Oreo Thins: Sophisticated adult cookie


Mondelez International have brought out a new product from the Oreo range. These Oreo Thins are to cater to the rising demand in lighter bites in the U.S. Rolled out on the 13th July after the success in the Chinese market late last year.

These will be packed as 4 cookies with the combined 140 calories, slightly less than the original three pack Oreo cookies at 160 calories. Oreo Thins have been marketed for adult who have grown up with Oreo, but want more of a sophisticated bite to eat.

Zag… What?

As I have never heard of this candy bar before, I wondered what it could possibly be?
Zagnut is a candy bar produced and sold in the USA. Now manufactured under the Hershey’s brand umbrella. It consists of crunchy peanut butter and toasted coconut.

Zagnut has had a surge in popularity within the US military. The reason being, the bar doesn’t contain chocolate (unlike so many other candy bars) so it doesn’t melt whilst in hot countries like Iraq or Afghanistan. Candy stores sell them unevenly around the states as Zagnut has such a niche market.

The name hasn’t been fully explained, however it suggests that the “Nut” part, hints to the bars’ ingredients (which is understandable) and the “zag” part, which is slang for the type of candy bar that was out in the 1930s at the time this was produced.
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Hero to Zero

An unusual colour for a candy bar, however it’s outwardly white colour has become Zero candy bar trademark.
In 1920 it was introduced. The candy bar is composed of caramel, almond nougat, peanut and a layer of white chocolate fudge and was launched by Hollywood Brands. Soon the brand got sold to Consolidated Foods Corporation in 1967, and now part of the Hersheys umbrella. Usually sold separately.
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In a World of Pure Imagination


A few weeks ago, I went to the bright lights of London and during my weekend away as I wrote in my last blog I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The Musical. I thoroughly enjoyed my evening out and recommend the musical to anyone. They were even selling actual Wonka chocolate bars “Millionaire Shortbread,” The usual merchadise was there to tantalise you’re fingers to grab the credit card, however I managed to get away with a bracelet and a souvenir brochure.

We managed to sneak our own supplies of Wonka “Runts” and “Nerds” into the theatre.
As our mouths engaged with the sweet Wonka treats, a feast before our eyes began.
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A Tootsie Goodbye


A sad day in the confectionery world as Tootsie Roll industries long standing CEO and chairman Melvin J. Gordon died at the age of 95. He died Tuesday, after a brief illness. He joined the company in 1952 and after only 10 years he was appointed chairman in 1962. Shares within the company shot up rapidly after the announcement of Melvin’s passing

His wife Ellen R. Gordon has taken over as CEO and chairman of the company. In business this is highly unusual to have an 83 year old as CEO. Tootsie Roll Industries also manufacture Sugar Daddy, Dubble Bubble, Junior Mints and Charleston Chew. Over the years the Gordons have kept the company independent, trying not to consolidate with any other confectioner out there.

Candy Corn…with flavour?


Halloween has been and gone… many treats were eaten and many new candies came out in celebration.
Originally know as Opal Fruits, Starburst are unexplainably juicy fruit flavoured taffy like cuboid shaped candies. Packed with fruit juice to keep the mouth watering for more. Introduced by Mars in 1959, the name was picked by Peter Pfeffer in a competition that won him £5. Continue reading

What’s Your M and Ms Flavour? The BIG review


Another one from the Mars, Incorporated, but one with the largest candy love following. With 2 shops based in London and New York we are talking about the crazy merchandised world of M&Ms. These are hard sugar coated colourful button shaped candies filled with any suitable filling including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, crisped rice, mint chocolate, peanuts, almonds, orange chocolate, coconut, pretzel, wild cherry, cinnamon, raspberry, and peanut butter. Each one printed with a small letter M to represent the brand. Originated in the US, M&Ms are now in 100 countries all around the world.

“”The two “M’s” represent the names of Forrest E. Mars Sr., the founder of Newark Company and Bruce Murrie (son of Hershey’s Chocolate president William F. R. Murrie),”

M&Ms have been manufactured in many different colours over the years to appeal to a wider audience as the taste buds of the worlds consumers can change. Small changes to the recipes are also done to appeal to a wider world audience. For the advertising campaigns originally they had 5 spokes candies for the brand. Red, Yellow, Orange, Green and Blue, however there is now a 6th. In 2012 the company introduced a new spokes candy called Mrs Brown who was officially launched at the Superbowl that year.


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