Safari adventure, South African candy style

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Recently, my friend came back from South Africa after getting married in her home country. Congratulations to her and her new husband, hope they have a very happy life together. She knew I did a candy blog and brought me back a selection of different chocolates and candies you can get over in South Africa, which I must say I’ve been munching my way through without blogging about them…which is naughty, so here I am to redeem myself.

My first munch into South African candy was from a bag called Fav’rites, which is a selection bag full of different chocolate delights. All made in South Africa under the Tiger Consumer Brand company. Naturally I rsearched into the company as I’ve never heard if them before. I found some information on one of the varieties in the packet called Black Cat.


Black Cat Peanut Butter was in launched in 1926, is one of South Africa’s most popular brands- a firm favourite with families everywhere. In May 2003 the equity of the Black Cat brand was leveraged into chocolate confectionery – “out of the jar and into the bar”. The Black Cat snacks range are packed with the protein power of peanut butter and the healthy benefits of muesli; which keep the consumer healthy and strong (mentally and physically),”

Others were difficult to find any information on, If anyone knows anything about NOW!, TV, Nosh, Niki, Inside Story, Mint Flavoured Creme, Damascus, or Milk. Please comment below and I can add the information to this blog post.

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Salted Licorice, Norway


Salted licorice

When I went to Norway, I knew that a local treat is salted licorice, so I picked up a few cute packs.

Confession time: I brought these cute treats home to New York, but I never tasted the licorice.

Why, you might ask? Firstly, I forgot about them in the cupboard. But more importantly, I don’t like licorice. Strangely, I do enjoy licorice tea, but I strongly dislike the tea, and I even have an aversion to fennel, which has a licorice-like flavor.


When I Googled “salted licorice Norway,” I found a Serious Eats article that proves that I was probably right that I would have hated the product; here’s an excerpt:

Faced with nearly 30 kinds of candies that are popular in Norway, I reverted to my excited five-year-old self after a prolific night of trick-or-treating.

Until I ate the salty licorice**.

** Unfortunately, salty licorice gets the shaft…

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Zag… What?

As I have never heard of this candy bar before, I wondered what it could possibly be?
Zagnut is a candy bar produced and sold in the USA. Now manufactured under the Hershey’s brand umbrella. It consists of crunchy peanut butter and toasted coconut.

Zagnut has had a surge in popularity within the US military. The reason being, the bar doesn’t contain chocolate (unlike so many other candy bars) so it doesn’t melt whilst in hot countries like Iraq or Afghanistan. Candy stores sell them unevenly around the states as Zagnut has such a niche market.

The name hasn’t been fully explained, however it suggests that the “Nut” part, hints to the bars’ ingredients (which is understandable) and the “zag” part, which is slang for the type of candy bar that was out in the 1930s at the time this was produced.
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Jelly “Organic” Belly Launch


News in the confectionery world is that Jelly Belly will be launching a new organic line of candies for the consumer. These include fruit flavoured snacks and gourmet jelly beans.

The CEO Lisa Rowland Brasher of Jelly Belly made the announcement at the Snack and Sweets Expo in Chicago last weekend. The new line will be launched in the fall with the fruit flavoured snacks, which will be made with real fruit puree, juice and would also appeal to the gluten free market.

Lisa didn’t say when the gourmet jelly beans will be launched, however did confess on “Spilling the beans,” about that the organic jelly beans will have two varieties – a bag of five sour flavours and a bag of 10 original fruit flavours – all made with real juice and puree, same as the fruit snacks being launched.

Extra Chocolately Side of Mars


Mars bars have been a favourite in the lunchbox for a few generations, its up there with Twix and Snickers. All from Mars company. A few months ago they introduced a limited edition “Xtra Choc,” of the original Mars bar.
The original was first manufactured in Slough, and has grown in popularity ever since. There was an American original Mars bar, however this was discontinued in 2002.

Same sort of packaging, black with the distinctive red branding of mars, with brown lines striking pass.
Mars, with an xtra chocolatey Mars taste,” in scripted underneath.
Usual opening method is required. An instant hit of strong cocoa powder hits the nose and the mouth starts to water.
Smelling like a chocolate mousse you get in the yogurt aisle, the inside looks like a normal Mars, with one exception. Instead of a pale yellow nougat, you are presented with a light brown in colour nougat instead.

Still tastes like a sweet caramel, nougat mix, however with a hint of extra chocolate within the savouring process.
All in all, it’s just a Mars bar with more chocolate and doesn’t really wow the taste buds unfortunately. Great for chocoholics, just not that special to be called a limited edition. Sort of gives me the impression, someone at Mars lent on a lever and accidentally added cocoa powder to the nougat and they have to think of a way to recoup the money. Still a nice chocolate bar none the less.

Candyrific Says “PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD!” at Sweets & Snacks Expo

This looks fantastic. Who doesn’t want to make fun shapes before chewing the sweet juicy flavours out of it.

WGN Plus

Rob Auerback, President of Candyrific joins Hannah and Dane of Flavor HD during the 2015 Sweets and Snacks Expo. Hear Rob share the newest product set to hit shelves later this year and sure to hit kids with possibly the most fun you can have with your food…besides eating it. The NEW “Edible Moldable CANDY Dough” can be made into almost anything from a realistic burger to animals to the WGN RADIO Logo and soon even all your favorite characters from TV and the movies…Lots of colors and easy to handle, this product gives kids a fun and tasty way to finally play with their food with their parents full support! Be on the lookout in stores during summer 2015 & everywhere by 2016. For more information on all things “Candyrific” go to

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